How to be Secure While Working from Home?

The idea of working from home is so normal that it’s impossible to imagine returning to an office each day. Many businesses have also made the decision that giving employees the option of working from home is something that they will continue to offer. It helps businesses save cash and gives employees greater flexibility.

If you’ve been working at home in the near time, it’s important to be aware of your security. The majority of crime happens during the day, which is why it’s essential not to get too comfortable or complacent when you are at home.

Here are some tips to keep you secure when working at your home.

  • Make sure your doors are locked

If you work from home it’s not difficult to get out to water your garden or pick up the mail, and then do not remember to lock your front or back door. It does not mean that you have to keep your doors unlocked when you’re in the house. It is important to lock your doors behind you every time you go back inside.

  • Check Your Locks

As you spend more time in your home, it’s the perfect time to review the quality of your security locks. What kinds of locks are you using? Do they function in the way they are supposed to? Are you able to access every spare key? Security locks with high levels of security are a great choice if you’re seeking to upgrade. They can be able to withstand the force of a blunt and are difficult to pick.

  • Be Careful with Windows

If you work from home, it’s great to have some windows that are open, particularly in warmer weather. But, you should be aware that criminals who are opportunistic are always looking for windows that are open, especially windows on the lower floors of a house. If you open your windows in the daytime, make sure that you are able to see through the windows when you’re working or have windows open on the upper floors.

  • Secure Your Garage

Is your garage locked? What do you think of the door that connects your garage to your home? This is another door where criminals can attempt to gain entry into your home. Keeping your garage and all doors that interleading can help keep you safe when working at home. You might also want to assess how secure your garage is since you’ll be away more frequently.

  • Make a Plan

If someone gains access to your home during your presence in the home, do you know what you’d do and who to contact? Remote workers should be prepared with an escape plan. This means having specific numbers on their speed dial as well as a place that you can hide in case you encounter the middle of a home invasion. A plan for escape also is applicable to floods and fires.

  • Install a video Doorbell

When you work at home, the doorbell could be ringing a bit more than normal. This is a different tactic employed by criminals who are opportunistic. The installation of a video doorbell will give you a complete view of who’s at your door, without needing to open it. This greatly reduces the risk of being a victim of the threat of burglary.

Get Help from a Profession Locksmith

If you’re not feeling at the level of security you’d prefer to be at your home, a security audit is highly suggested. When you conduct a security audit, The Lock Specialist will assess your home and find any weaknesses. We’ll then give you the complete list of recommendations and help you make any improvements based on your budget.

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