We have a stock of thousands of keys available each day of the week that are ready to be cut to match your existing key. This means that no matter the size, shape, or form, we have the tools necessary to ensure that you leave with a flawlessly cut key every single time.

 We’re incredibly passionate about what we are doing, and we think this is apparent in all of the key cutting services we provide throughout London as well as the areas around London.

We are not only the local key cutters within London however we have a large store that can meet every need for key cutting. Many people think that key cutting is a given but without it, many of the operations wouldn’t be able to occur.

 At The Lock Specialist, we are fully equipped with an abundance of experience and equipment to deal with the soaring demand for key cutting in London.

We provide a variety of key-cutting solutions that be able to cover all aspects of business premises and key-cutting to home and more. We usually offer key-cutting services to a variety of clients across London. 

We offer a range of key-cutting services that are accessible to residential and commercial people, in the event that your key cannot be copied, don’t be concerned, we can provide new lock and key installations. 

If you require cutting keys in London be sure you contact us right away. We offer fast key-cutting services to our customers all over London and beyond. Find out more about what our customers review about our services here.

Key Types We Can Cut

We offer a variety of cutting services for commercial and residential customers in London. We can cut a variety of keys like:

  • Standard Keys: We cut any standard key, whether it’s for your garage, your home, or something else.
  • Fobs and Remotes: We are able to duplicate, copy, program and reprogram all European remotes and fobs for doors, gates shutters, and windows. Simply send us a photograph of your remote or fob so that we can determine it and then arrange for a replacement or duplicate.
  • Fire Brigade & Access Keys: We have a stock of the fire brigade’s keys in all sizes as well as lift keys, drop keys, and common access keys.

For more details on the cutting of keys we provide to our customers across London and to arrange for a key cutting contact us today. A member of our team is always available to assist you.