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When you move into a new home, it’s a fun time. Change the lock on your new home is an important task and should be done as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your family, your home, and your valuables—a new beginning comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Who Has The Key?

You don’t know who else has a key, so you need to change the lock on your new home. You don’t know who lived there before you moved in, whether it was the home’s previous owner or tenants. It’s possible that the previous owners gave keys to their families, friends, neighbours, contractors, real estate agents, pet sitters, or anyone else.

It can be very dangerous to not know who owns the keys to your house. From the moment you move in, anyone with a key can easily target your home as a target for an attack and steal your valuables. You may not be aware of this, but according to NimbleFins, 58.7% of burglars who have entered through a door use the front door as their entry point, and 6% had just entered with a key. As a result, when you first move into your new home, Change the lock should be your top priority.

Replace Your Locks Every 5-7 Years

In an ideal world, it is recommended that you change your home’s locks after every 5-7 years because it will reduce the probability of having issues and your lock’s standard will also stay up to date to have the highest level of safety.

You don’t know when the keys were last changed when you move into a new place. If the locks were replaced more than seven years ago, they may be out of date and begin to pose a problem. You should never find yourself locked out of your home due to a broken lock, either outside or inside!

Consider Insurance

Claiming your insurance is also a reason to change the lock when you move into a new home. In case of burglary, your insurance might get invalidated because there was no forced entry as somebody may use a key to get entry into your home.

The majority of home insurance policies require forced entry into your home in order to pay your claim, although some companies may still pay for it.

British Standard Locks

Using the British Standard Locks is the best option to protect your new home.

You will not only be covered by your insurance if all of the locks are British Standard, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that they are of a high standard and will better protect your home and valuables.

Always Remember

Protecting your home has always been the first priority, no matter how long you have lived there or just moved in. It is important to keep your property and your valuables safe. You are protecting yourself and your family from danger by ensuring that your locks are changed to a high standard.

Consider which locks need to be changed. Keep in your mind the garage, conservatory, front and back doors, as well as any windows you have. Update your security if necessary in response to any issues or damage that may have occurred at an entrance.

Do you require new locks?

Call a professional locksmith instead of doing it yourself, we always recommend calling a locksmith instead of DIY to avoid further damage to your lock which may lead to a bigger cost in the long run.

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