Why should you choose locks with keyed alike? A lock that is keys alike can be an enormous benefit. A single key that can control multiple locks could make life easier.

Certain advantages of having the ability to operate several locks with a single key include;

  • It is more convenient to carry and look at one key rather than an entire set of keys. It is lighter and easier to organize.
  • You’ll have to cut fewer keys if one key is used to operate all of your locks. Keyed alike locks are efficient and streamline your security.
  • Less time and cost for cutting keys.

We are often asked if keyed alike an ideal idea? We always adamant that when executed by a skilled professional keyed alike can provide profound positive effects on your the daily life.

Keyed alike locks can provide the highest level of protection when they are installed properly and maintained by a specialist in keyed alike. After you have experienced the advantages of a keyed alike lock system, you’ll never want to switch back to normal locks!

Lock Replacement for Keyed Alike Locks

If the key for your keyed alike locks has to be replaced, you must replace the locks. This is an issue for keyed alike locking systems but we do have locks that are keyed alike and can be re-pin to avoid needing to replace all keys that are keyed alike.

Mul-T-Lock Keyed-Alike Locks

This Mul-T-Lock Integrator lock system comes with this feature and is perfect for those seeking security with a keyed alike. The best choice of locks that are keyed alike is an affordable innovative way to take advantage from the benefits of a keyed alike security system and stay clear of any disadvantages.

If you need keys for your locks that are keyed alike, our locksmiths are experienced and will offer temporary replacement locks while the locks are re-keyed. If you require replacement locks for keyed alike, contact us.

Professional Keyed Alike Locks Installation London

We at The Lock Specialist are experiences in fitting locks with keyed alike within London and surrounding areas. If you’d like to get all your locks keyed together, so you can use all of your locks using the same key, contact us today to discuss your requirements.