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Welcome to The Lock Specialist Ltd, your trusted locksmith in the heart of London! Today, we’re highlighting our expertise in key cutting. As your keycutting specialists, we offer genuine key blanks, precise key copies, and premium key duplication services. Your security is our priority, and we excel in crafting security keys, restricted keys, and a variety of fobs. Lost your keys? No worries! We provide expert key and fob duplications, ensuring you never get locked out again. Our mastery extends to remote fobs and garage fobs, adding that extra layer of convenience to your daily life.


1) Key cutting services

2) Genuine Key Blanks

3) Key Copies & Duplication

4) Security & Restricted Keys

5) Fob & Remote Fob Services

6) Garage Fobs

Contact us for all your key and fob related queries and questions. Our keycutting experts at The Lock Specialist Ltd can assist you with all your key and fob queries.

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