Lost Keys

Do You Often Lose Your Keys? Are you in need of a locksmith? 

How often in a week or a day do you have to rush in the morning, because you’re not able to find your Lost Keys? A better way to say this is, how many times have you contacted your locksmith in the area, either to request a new key or to assist you?

Lost Keys are a waste of valuable time

While we are getting ready for work, we aren’t taking into account the length of time it takes to locate keys that are missing, mainly because we don’t anticipate losing keys at all. The unfortunate thing is that the loss of your keys is something most people have to deal with quite often.

Be assured that there’s some positive news to be found here. With the rapid growth we’ve seen in technology in recent times. There are a variety of options to address this issue in the short and long term.

Why do you constantly lose your keys?

Before you determine the best solution for your life, you have to first identify the reason you keep losing keys. The reason for this is different for every person and each one is handled differently, which makes this an essential component of the solution process.

  • Your Brain Will Not Remember

In the majority of cases, it’s simply a matter of not remembering the place you placed them. This is due to the hippocampus which is the portion of our brain that is responsible with memory only adept at recollecting things that don’t change frequently. Since keys are everywhere in our pockets, it’s more difficult for our brains to keep track of it.

  • You’re Not Super Organized

For some, this is more of a behavior issue which is the result of an additional issue, like being generally unorganized. If you’re in this category, it means you are not good at managing your time or energy, which leads to poor management skills.

In any case, losing keys isn’t fun and usually puts the project you set out to finish on hold. You can imagine that it can cause a lot of stress and frustration throughout our daily lives.

Don’t worry. There are a few tips that will assist you in keeping control of your keys and keep your keys from being lost so often. Explained below!

4 Tips to Prevent Losing Your Keys

  1. Create a place for them

If you have the right place in your house for keys, it is difficult to lose keys. Of course, you’ll have to be accountable for the many times you fail to place them in the right place. As with any habit that you have, it becomes easier the more you practice it.

  • Use a key finder

Believe it or not, key finders are very useful when you frequently forget the location of your keys. By pressing one button, you’re informed of the location via the sound of it or via an app on your smartphone (GPS).

  • Keep your home organized

It’s easier to locate your keys much simpler when you don’t have clutter to go through. It’s the reason why a tidy home can be your ideal companion when you try to track everything you own like keys.

  • Get Keyless, stay Keyless

In the world that we live in, keys are becoming obsolete due to the increasing use of door locks that are keyless. It’s true when you’ve gone keyless, you will never return!

If you’re looking to improve how well organized your home is and find a place for your keys and use a key finder or invest in a keyless door lock, all of these are good methods to avoid the everyday game of “Where my keys went at this point?”

Here at The Lock Specialist, we understand the importance of technology in our lives every day and we are committed to helping you save your time. Give us a call at 020 82617495 and we’ll be waiting to assist you.

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