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At The Lock Specialist Ltd, we undertake strict company guidelines to ensure that we follow and sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) if requested before carrying out any safe opening procedures on any given premises. This is to ensure sensitive information or classified documents are not disclosed or shared without your consent.

With our years of expertise in safe opening techniques, our safe specialist technicians have acquired a unique set of skills limited to a few, boasting supreme knowledge and fluidity when it comes to undertaking the task to open your high-security safe.

High-security safe-opening skills are imited to a handful of elite lock specialists. There is a very small percentage of locksmiths in the UK that have attained the mastery in safe-opening techniques. We are very fortunate to be one of the leading locksmith companies in the UK that can showcase our ability to diffuse and manipulate the locking mechanisms of a complex safe system.

Our technicians a highly-skilled and have undergone extensive and sophisticated training to open any safe non-destructively. Our safe specialists embrace any challenge whether it’s digital safes, cash safes, deposit safes, underfloor safes, fireproof safes, certified and insurance approved safes ranging from Grade 1 to the highest security Grade 7. Our safe specialists are familiar with all variants and have been trained to crack them open.

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