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The key to a secure home!
We have a wide selection of keys. We also have the most modern key-cutting equipment that allows us to cut an enormous selection of commercial, domestic automobile, and high-security keys. We also have Master Key Systems available at various types of levels of security.

With the most current technology for key cutting, we are able to cut safe keys right back to the original model of the manufacturer with a guarantee of perfect locking each time.

We carry a broad selection of key blanks with plastic heads. They include high-security laser-cut keys as well. Key blanks are constructed from high-quality steel and are cut using the most modern key-cutting technologies.

Cylinder keys

The cylinder lock is often referred to as a “Yale lock. It is the most secure lock for doors.

Mortice keys

Mortice keys are more frequently referred to as a “Chubb Key’ and are the lowest lock on many doors.

Safe keys

We offer a wide range of safe keys ranging from single-sided keys to double side and detachable key bits made of hardened steel.

Why should you choose The Lock Specialist for key cutting in London?

We’ve been providing key cutting to commercial and domestic customers across London for a long time. With our years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a high quality and efficient service for cutting keys is offered. Whatever type of key you’ll require cutting, we’ve got your requirements taken care of. A few of the reasons why we believe you should consider our services for cutting key for cutting keys in London are:

  • Many years of experience in the field of key cutting
  • Popular throughout London for the services we provide
  • Cuts a variety of fobs and keys
  • Provide a professional and effective key-cutting service
  • Provide emergency key-cutting services